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Covering the East Midlands

We are a team of passionate individuals working to maintain hedges around the East Midlands. Your hedge is often your privacy and we know how it makes our customers feel when their hedge is neatly cut and managed. We are very proud of our work and treat every hedge as if it were our own – we look forward to hearing from you!  

Welcome to The Hedge Cutting Company

The Hedge Cutting Company was unofficially born many years ago. My grandfather Norman was a farmer. As a part of his farm duties, miles of hedge trimming with a tractor mounted hedge cutter needed to be done! This turned out to be his favourite job – and this showed as he did it until he physically couldn’t at 90 years of age! In turn, this love of hedge trimming was passed to my father and then of course to me!

It was only recently however that The Hedge Cutting Company was officially born – choosing to specialise in the maintenance of hedges in order to ensure our customers get only the best service which is totally focussed and efficient. 

Our Hedge Care Services

Our professional team is on hand to assist with all aspects of hedge care, from planting to pruning, cutting, trimming, revival, reduction, laying, and removal. We work with domestic, commercial and agricultural clients across the East Midlands, so whether you’re looking for a tidy-up or a complete hedge makeover, we’re here to help.

Domestic Hedge Cutting & Trimming

We offer all types of domestic hedge cutting/trimming whether it be a one time cut or through one of our management plans.

Commercial Hedge Cutting & Trimming

Wwe also offer services for your commercial property hedges - once more as one time cuts or management plans.

Agricultural Hedge Cutting & Trimming

Hedge cutting with tractor mounted trimmers is something we’ve done forever! We currently run two large capacity machines.

Hedge Removal

In need of hedge removal? We run excavators which can efficiently remove hedgerows no matter their size!

Hedge Laying

A very traditional art and method, we offer hedge laying to reduce hedge size and to thicken the hedge, returning them to their former glory.

Hedge Revival & Reduction

without management, hedges can quickly get out of control. We offer hedge revival/reduction using efficient machinery designed for just the job.

Hedge Planting

Beautiful hedges always start somewhere. We plant all types of hedgerows - getting them started off in the best way possible.

Why Choose Us?Dedicated to Your Satisfaction

Hedge care can be a tricky business. Between the domestic, commercial, and agricultural needs of clients in the East Midlands, to the size of their hedges, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

We get that! That’s why we work with our customers to offer bespoke hedge care for everything from small garden hedges that need an occasional trim to large corporate premises and agricultural land that requires regular hedge upkeep.

Whether you’re looking to plant a new hedge, maintain your existing hedges to make them more resilient to the winter weather, or reshape an overgrown hedge, we can help you with all aspects of hedge care. We see hedges as an important part of our local landscape, so no matter how big or small your project is, our team is ready to help.

Cutting-Hedge Technology

Okay, so we don’t yet have little little flying robots that cut your hedge for you! But we do have some equipment and methods which make the job much easier, safer and of course more efficient!


We are always mindful of being sustainable and conscious of the effect we have on our planet - for example all of our clippings go into compost and are used as a natural fertiliser! After all - we’ve only got one earth!

The Original Hedge Cutting Specialists

We are the only specialist hedge cutting company of our kind! Our focus is completely dedicated to hedges and their maintenance - which means we can concentrate our service and ensure our customers are completely happy at every step of the way!

Our Hedge Management Plans

Our most popular services at The Hedge Cutting Company are our full hedge management programmes – Premium and Prestige – which provide our customers with complete peace of mind. Our customers love the ease of these services – they simply no longer need to worry about their hedge looking great!

Premium Plan

4 Visits Per Year, Every 3 Months

Keeping your hedge looking tidy all year round! No need to worry about your hedge looking scruffy anymore – we attend and maintain your hedge at regular intervals unless you state otherwise! 
10% discount when paid via direct debit!

Prestige Plan

6 Visits Per Year, Every 2 Months

For those looking for an immaculate hedge all year round! We tend to your hedge every 2 months automatically unless you state otherwise – keeping your hedge looking sharp all year round!

20% discount when paid via direct debit!

Plan Pricing

Get a Quote

Our hedge management plans are priced on the size of your hedge in cubic metres – width, length, and height. Contact us today to get a quote & find out how we can take the hassle out of maintaining your hedges!

What They Say

We thrive on making our customers happy, so when you work with us, we’ll make sure you get the results you want. From start to finish, our goal is to leave your hedges looking great—guaranteed. But don’t just take our word for it, read some of our fantastic testimonials below!

We have The Hedge Cutting Company to cut our hedges all around our 75 acre equestrian property each year - we are consistently impressed with the quality & efficiency of their work!

John H Agricultural/Equestrian Hedge Trimming

My wife and I love the ease of the service provided by The Hedge Cutting Company. We no longer have to worry about calling the gardener every time our hedge is overgrown!

Chris & Samantha H Domestic Hedge Trimming
Prestige Service

Our hedge has never looked so cared for! The beautiful straight lines are so satisfying!

Andrea G Domestic Hedge Trimming
Prestige Service

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